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The preparation of accounting records is mandatory by law to prepare accurate accounting records. But more than a legal requirement, the preparation of accurate financial information can assist management in the correct decision making.

M. Kyprianou Accounting Services Ltd offers a professional approach to traditional accounting services. Our team consists of experienced accountants who will help you with your daily bookkeeping in compliance with International Accounting Standards.

Why worry when you can outsource this tedious job to us? SAVE ENERGY AND TIME!

Our services include:

  • Maintaining computerized accounting records (bookkeeping)
  • Preparation of monthly debtors’ reports and ageing analysis
  • Carrying out bank reconciliations and analysis of bank accounts
  • Preparing budget reports
  • Undertaking VAT calculations and submission of quarterly VAT declarations
  • Managing tax liabilities
  • Preparation of management accounts on a quarterly basis for monitoring the financial position and performance of the company

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Taxation Services and International tax planning
The numerous tax incentives and double taxation treaties make Cyprus ideal for international tax planning purposes.
Payroll Services (Corporate and Self-employed)
Payroll services are a very important aspect of your business. Our target is to save you time and energy to focus on your major business activity.
Business Consulting

A team of experts combines its knowledge and expertise to provide advice related to individuals as well as businesses of every category and size.