VAT Services

VAT Services

VAT is a territory that many businesses are afraid to walk in due to its ever changing nature and inherent complexity. We work with a team of experienced accountants who can help you with all VAT related issues and offer complete assistance along with accurate calculation and timely payments.

Value Added Tax (VAT) seems to create fear in the minds of many business persons. Most times they end up either underpaying or overpaying VAT.

Value Added Tax calculations remain one of the most complicated tasks in light of ongoing changes imposed by the Tax Authorities. Rules, regulations and modifications require professional accountants who not only have solid knowledge about VAT but also remain up to date with the latest statutory requirements.

M. Kyprianou Accounting Services Ltd provides you with services such as:

• Value Added Tax registration
• Value Added Tax planning and administration
• Advising on the VAT treatment of specific transactions
• Filing VAT returns
• Use of the most appropriate schemes
• Value Added Tax control and reconciliation
• Professional representation in disputes with the VAT authorities.


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